Hey Guys!  

Come join me in celebrating a crazy, fun, loving, and exciting journey that we call life!  I love exploring and learning as my journey transforms through art, family, marriage, work, motherhood, and militarily life.  Since the day I was born, I have had a creative passion.  I first stepped foot into a dance studio at the age of 3, and I have never left!  My dance path started in Chicago learning from some amazing teachers that built my foundation.  I made my way to SUNY Buffalo to earn my BFA in Dance.  During my time there, I spent my days in a beautiful art building surrounded by other passion driven performers and teachers leading the way into adulthood and the professional world of dance.  After college, I made may way to the open ocean and performed for Carnival Cruise Lines for 3 years before returning to Chicago, where I performed, taught and said my marriage vows to my love.  After a few years, we (he) joined the Army, and we are now in Williamsburg, Virginia.  We are lucky enough to be able to travel to Chicago every year, where I have family, friends, and some awesome clients!  The rest of our family is in South Africa, and I wish we could visit them more! I have always had a camera in hand, but I really started to explore this outlet in 2010.  I have been able to create some beautiful work for family, friends, and new clients since.  I still teach dance and love anything creative.  My two boys are my main focus in life, along with my hubby and our 2 crazy Boston terriers!  


I love capturing the sweet little moments that are totally unexpected, but bring tears of joy when my clients see them.  


Random facts:

Black and white images are my favorite!!! 

If purple is an option, I will always choose it.  

I LOVE Chicago hotdogs, there is noting better in my belly! 

There is a sweet spot in my heart for all animals.

I'm a city girl at heart, who lives on a dirt road surrounded by pine trees with 6 chickens in my back yard...never thought that would come out of my mouth! 


*Photo by the AMAZING Brannan Blascack Photography